Where Can I Purchase Tanzanite?

Tanzanite is a stunning blue gemstone found in a small area of Tanzania. The gem’s intense blue color makes it desirable, especially for jewelry. Its deep color can make a ring stand out. If you want a less expensive ring, you can go with a lighter shade of blue.

Tanzanite is fragile, so invest in a well-protected mounting if you intend to wear it as jewelry. For example, rings should be set in bezel settings rather than prong settings. You should also avoid subjecting the stone to jostling or bumping while wearing the ring.


Tanzanite should be purchased from a reputable jewelry store. Many trustworthy and experienced sellers exist in the United States and other countries. It’s worth noting that tanzanite is a relatively rare gem, so be cautious when shopping for it. You want to save your time by purchasing a dud.

The price of tanzanite varies greatly depending on the quality of the stone. It is worth noting that most tanzanite on the market has been treated to make it blue to reduce brown hues. On the other hand, the quality of treated tanzanite is virtually undetectable. It follows the same value parameters as diamonds, so consider this when purchasing tanzanite jewelry. A deeply saturated blue with violet hues is the most valuable color, while paler blue is less expensive.

It would help if you were looking for a AAA quality piece to buy a Tanzanite ring. The gem is worth between $200 and $400 per carat, making it an excellent investment. A 2ct bit will cost $400, and a 3ct piece will cost up to $675. The cost of a tanzanite ring is determined by the stone’s clarity, size, and color depth.

Look for an Independent Gemological Laboratory certification to ensure your purchase is genuine. Look for a Tanzanite Foundation Mark of Rarity as well. This certification ensures that you made a high-quality purchase and that the stone was mined ethically.

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